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Celebrate the 87th Annual Fall Festival
in Arkansas City, Kansas
October 24 - 27, 2018

Zack Stoy

Arkalalah is fast-approaching, which means downtown will soon be filled with the smells of delicious food, sounds of laughter and fun, and sights of happiness. Arkalalah has a different meaning for everybody and each has their own traditions. As a child, I was all about the food, the carnival, and the street games. Now, as an adult with children of my own, I am able to be consumed with the more important aspects of what Arkalalah has to offer: family, friends, and community. Arkalalah is a time for making new memories but also an opportunity to reminisce with old friends whom travel back to Ark City for the annual festival. This time of the year that so many of us look forward to would cease to exist without the community’s support. I never fully understood the impact the community has on Arkalalah until I was asked to serve on the Arkalalah Executive Committee. I would like to take this opportunity to express many thanks to all individuals who volunteer their time to serve on the various Arkalalah committees and to the many generous sponsors who make this all possible.

The first task that I got to tackle as chairman was choosing the theme. There were so many ideas that went through my mind but none of them seemed to be “the one”. It was definitely a challenge, but also an honor. I knew all along that I wanted a theme that would be closely related to Arkalalah. When I considered what most people first thought of when they heard the word Arkalalah, I kept repeating the same things: food, fun, and fellowship. So, what I think is the perfect choice for our 87th annual Arkalalah celebration must entail all those things as well. I am excited to welcome you all to Mardi Gras Madness! As Mardi Gras celebrates Fat Tuesday, Arkalalah also celebrates with food on Fat Wednesday, Fat Thursday, Fat Friday, and Fat Saturday. Like Arkalalah, Mardi Gras is also associated with extraordinary parades, energetic music, and an abundance of fun. Both celebrations are a time to come together, to reunite with one another. Although the reason for celebration may differ, I think we can all agree that Arkalalah, like Mardi Gras, is a time to celebrate and indulge ourselves.

With Arkalalah being right around the corner, prepare yourself to enjoy a fun-filled week of hopeful sunny skies, delicious foods, and endless amounts of camaraderie. Grab a masquerade mask, a handful of colorful beads, and meet me downtown; it’s Mardi Gras Madness, baby!

Zack Stoy
AEC Chairman 2018

2018 Arkalalah Festival Executive Committee

  • Zack Stoy, Chairman
  • Traver Herman, Past Chairman
  • Zach Barnes
  • Jace Kennedy
  • Chris Rains
  • Tasha Bucher, Executive Secretary

Cowley College Arkalalah Committee

  • Shannon O’Toole, Chairperson
  • Rama Peroo
  • Lory West
  • Abbi Hollins
  • Lisa Grose
  • Tiffany Volmer

Visiting Queen’s Committee

  • Kody and Lori Virden, Chairpersons
  • Larry and Lindsay Floyd
  • LE Smith and Holly Switzer
  • Ross and Brittany Goff

Coronation Committee

  • Liz Shepard, Chairperson

Former Queens Committee

  • Cowley College

Queens Tea Committee

  • Mallory Avery and Molly Walker, Chairpersons

Little Mr and Miss Arkalalah

  • Lyndsey Bowker
  • Blythe Colquhoun
  • Karli Foy

Band and Flag Festival

  • Hans Judd

Band Competition

  • Sheryl Harper


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