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Celebrate the 88th Annual Fall Festival
in Arkansas City, Kansas
October 23 - 26, 2019



2019 Arkalalah Festival Executive Committee

  • Zach Barnes, Chairman
  • Zack Stoy, Past Chairman
  • Jace Kennedy
  • Chris Rains
  • Damon Mendoza
  • Tasha Bucher, Executive Secretary

Cowley College Arkalalah Committee

  • Shannon O’Toole, Chairperson
  • Rama Peroo
  • Lory West
  • Abbi Hollins
  • Lisa Grose
  • Tiffany Volmer

Visiting Queen’s Committee

  • Kody and Lori Virden, Chairpersons
  • Cody and Amy Richardson
  • Ross and Brittany Goff

Coronation Committee

  • Morgan Musson, Chairperson

Former Queens Committee

  • Cowley College

Queens Tea Committee

  • Mallory Avery
  • Molly Walker

Little Mr and Miss Arkalalah

  • Blythe Colquhoun
  • Lyndsey Bowker
  • Karli Foy

Band and Flag Festival

Band Competition

  • Sheryl Harper


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