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Medallion Hunt

Sponsored by RCB Bank


As the search for the medallion ensues,

Be sure to consider Baum’s greatest muse.

She was seeking for something too,

Not that terribly different than you.


Some brick roads are yellow, others are made of red.

Any traveler knows, it’s important to keep your head.

The medallion is hiding within the limits of the city.

You may search alone or within a committee.


Please do no damage while you explore, 

That’s one thing we must implore.

Directions can sometimes seem misleading,

Do not give up, just keep proceeding.


Dorothy’s path was not always certain,

She didn’t know it was just a man behind the curtain.



The sharing of legend and lore

Often leaves much to explore

A great cyclone arose from the clashing of the weather,

Transporting Dorothy’s house, just like it was a feather.

She and Toto found themselves in a land both beautiful and strange.

A fan of her own country, she was resistant to the change. 

A kiss, from the good witch, was given for protection,

To “follow the yellow brick roads” was the principal direction.

This story would be very different, perhaps even incomplete

Without those special shoes that now adorned Dorothy’s feet.

Never underestimate the value of a good pair of shoes,

Or where they could lead you with just a few more clues.



Dorothy missed her Uncle Henry and even her Aunt Em, 

This new place, the Land of Oz, didn’t include the two of them.

It can be hard to leave loved ones behind, in the search of something new.

Sometimes you might not want the change, but other times you do.    


There’s nothing wrong with moving on, that’s often called progression.

But from the wizard, this visitor was hoping for a very big concession. 


Toto was all disheveled, his coat could use a curry.

But that would have to wait, his carrier was in a hurry.



A great cornfield appeared as Dorothy and Toto walked.

Midfield in the corn, they saw a scarecrow stalked.

The pole stuck up his back kept him in his yarded prison

When Dorothy released him, a new man he had arisen. 


The scarecrow with his team of two, marched toward Emerald City,

He wanted brains instead of stuffing, always longing to be witty.