Celebrate the 88th Annual Fall Festival in Arkansas City, KS - October 23 - 26, 2019

Arkalalah Concessions Spotlight

Zag's Popcorn

Hungry yet?!?!  Zag's is owned by Frank and Glenda Hockridge.  This will be their 15th year attending Arkalalah.  Frank and Glenda currently live in North Dakota, but travel all over the county with Zag's Popcorn.  

Message From Our Chairman

Arkalalah!!! It’s finally here!  Click your heels and close your eyes as downtown Ark City transforms to the smells of delicious foods, sounds of laughter, and the sights of friendships renewed.  

“There’s No Place Like Home” may have a couple of different meanings to people. The first thing most people  are going to think of is Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz. To me, the theme screams Arkalalah and the home we all share - Ark City!  I’m always amazed at the number of people that pencil in the last weekend of October every year to come and celebrate with family and friends.  As I have grown older, I see how important Arkalalah is to bringing people home to reminisce in the good times and share the old stories while making new memories.  Community, friends, and family are what make Arkalalah exist and without these, it’s just another weekend in October... Read More

Zach Barnes,
2019 Chairman,
Arkalalah Committee
Zach Barnes, 2019 Chairman, Arkalalah Committee







Queen Alalah


Class Reunions


Medallion Hunt


Thursday Night Concert - all class reunion

Mountain Deer Revival


Every great sound has to come from somewhere. Red dirt music had its start in Oklahoma, Southern Rock can be traced back to the early American South, while Texas Country clearly defined its roots in its name. So where does Mountain Deer Revival's sound come from? From twins, Jake and Jason Coffey and band members: Dale Shuey, Matt Ohm and Connor Edmundson. 

With an original, genre-expanding sound, few musicians can compare to the originality of this Kansas based band. Their music manages to successfully close the gap between Country Rock, Americana and Bluegrass, while maintaining an honest, independent tone. The band reaches beyond talent, by writing with creativity and performing with passion. With great focus being placed on their lyrics and the feeling of their songs, MDR's music is as much a state of mind as it is a sound Arkansas City festival



Epic is a 5-piece band made up of seasoned musicians who share a love of classic rock music from the 70s and 80s.  

Full, rich harmonies come to life which allows the band to reproduce songs from Journey, Boston, Kansas, Foreigner, Styx and other Epic bands of the time. The band leaves no one out by choosing dance-friendly songs from these bands to keep the party going all the time. Add to the list songs from Bon Jovi, Poison, Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Loverboy, The Cars, Brian Adams, Head East, Night Ranger, REO and many other great bands and the action never stops. festival Arkansas City

Grand Marshall

Congratulations to Jill Hunter. She was selected as Grand Marshall for Arkalalah 2018!

"I really enjoyed being the Grand Marshall for the 87th Arkalalah Parade. Thanks again for all the support and complements." - Jill Hunter Arkansas City festival