Celebrate the 89th Annual Fall Festival in Arkansas City, KS - October 28 - 31, 2020

Arkalalah Concessions Spotlight

Zag's Popcorn

Zag's is owned by Frank and Glenda Hockridge.  This will be their 15th year attending Arkalalah.  Frank and Glenda currently live up in North Dakota, but travel all over the county with Zag's Popcorn.  

Glenda started in the concession business very early in her childhood at the age of 1, running around the Kansas State Fair in her "footsies".  Her parents participated in the State Fair for nearly 60 years.  Frank and Glenda have carried on the tradition participating in the State Fair for many of years.

They ALWAYS look forward to coming to Ark City to set up for Arkalalah.  They have made many friends and talk very fondly of Irv & Viola Kramer as well as Ken & Bonnie Gilmore.  Glenda is always very complimentary of how clean Ark City is and how friendly the patrons are.  Throughout their 15 years of participating in Arkalalah, they have lots of memories of the weather.  Everything from 90 degree weather to 30's and snow!

Zag's Popcorn is located on the corner of East Central Avenue.  Please stop by and say Hi to Frank and Glenda!